This documentation is still a work in progress. Please ask in one of the community channels if you run into issues or find a mistake.

Uninstalling Crankshaft

Crankshaft can be uninstalled the same way that you installed it.

If you installed the Flatpak using a GUI (like KDE Discover or Gnome Software), you should be able to use the same program to uninstall it.

To uninstall the Flatpak from the command line, run: flatpak uninstall space.crankshaft.Crankshaft

The systemd service might still keep Crankshaft running after you uninstall it. You can manually stop and disable the systemd service by running systemctl --user disable --now crankshaft.service.

Alternatively, restart your device and Crankshaft should no longer start.

Cleaning up Leftover Files 🔗

Uninstalling the Flatpak may leave application data behind on your system. This includes the Crankshaft config, logs, and plugins. These leftover files will have no effect other than taking up space.

To remove leftover files, run: rm -rf ~/.var/app/space.crankshaft.Crankshaft/