This documentation is still a work in progress. Please ask in one of the community channels if you run into issues or find a mistake.

Quick Start Guide

This guide will show you the basics for using Crankshaft.

If you haven’t installed Crankshaft yet, please see the installation guide.

Autostart 🔗

The first time you launch Crankshaft, it will install a Systemd service to automatically start it. This is especially useful on handheld devices like the Steam Deck, as the autostart service will run Crankshaft in game mode.

For more information about autostart, along with enabling/disabling it and troubleshooting, see Autostart and Running in Game Mode.

Desktop 🔗

When using the desktop version of the Steam client, you can find the Crankshaft plugins menu near the top left of the library:

Gamepad UI/Game Mode 🔗

When using Steam’s gamepad UI (also known as Game Mode on handhelds like the Steam Deck), you can access the Crankshaft plugins menu from the Steam menu (the one that opens on the left, when you press the Steam button):

Installing, Updating, and Removing Plugins 🔗

The Get Plugins menu gives you a list of available plugins that you can install.

When a plugin update is available, the Get Plugins menu will let you update it. Crankshaft will check for plugin updates once per day, and will show you a notification on start up if any are found.

You can view your installed plugins from the Manage Plugins menu. Here you can remove plugins, or load/unload (enable/disable) installed plugins.